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― キーワード、時事関連英語 ――

pull off   やってのける、成し遂げる
return to power    政権への復帰、政権への返り咲き
come up with    提案する、考え出す
warily     慎重に、注意深く
key to …   ~へのカギ
mimic    まねる
groundbreaking     パイオニア的な、草分けの
staunchly anticommunist     揺るぎない反共主義の、ごりごりの反共主義の
stop … from …     ~が~をするのを妨げる、~が~するのをとめる
olive branch   和解の申し出
adversary    敵対国、敵
China, a protégé-turned-rival on the Soviet border    ソ連と国境を接しソ連の弟分格になったが今ではライバルとなった中国
pile on the pressure and squeeze concessions from the Kremlin   クレムリンに圧力をかけ重ねて譲歩を引き出す
bona fides as a hawk    タカ派としての真価
diplomatic opening    外交の突破口
hard-line diplomatic policy    強硬な外交政策
in a pragmatic manner    現実的な手法で、実利的なやり方で
underscore his matter-of-fact approach   彼の(冷静な)事務的なアプローチを強める
lay aside campaign pledges   選挙公約はさておく
“Takeshima Day”   「竹島の日」
Dokdo   独島
shelve     棚上げにする、先送りにする
Diaoyou Islands    釣魚島
special envoy    特使
mend fences  関係を修復する、関係を改善する
unfold thusly このように展開する
shore up  立て直す、強化する
Park Geun-hye   朴槿恵(パク・クンヘ)
leverage   何かを利用した力、効力、影響力
détente    緊張緩和
gambit    先手、糸口
whether he has what it takes to deliver a Nixonesque diplomatic breakthrough ニクソン流の外交策を上手く果たすのに必要な条件を彼が備えているかどうか
have at one's disposal     ~が好きなように使える
lay the groundwork    道をつける、下地を作る
Zhou Enlai    周恩来
be mired in    泥沼にはまる
hegemon    覇権国
play at    ~をやろうとする、~を半分まねる
hegemony 覇権
argue for …    ~の理を示す、~の証拠となる
perseverance    忍耐(力)


pull off ...   ~を得る、勝つ、うまくやりとげる
When you said you were going to beat the reigning chess champion three times in a row, I didn't think you'd actually pull it off, but you did! Well done!
あなたが現チェスのチャンピオンに三連勝するつもりだといったときには、実際にやりとげるとは思いませんでしたが、やりとげました! みごとです!

An attempt to pull off the greatest bank robbery in U.S. history failed when the would-be getaway car ran out of gas.

come up with ...  ~を提案する、考え出す
Mr. Suzuki has been asked to come up with two new ideas for an ad campaign for Product A, and then present them at next week's meeting.

not stop (one) from doing ...   (人が)~するのを止めない
Welcome to this explanatory meeting. I will try to cover everything and finish by 3:00, but don't let that stop you from speaking out and asking questions if there were anything you didn't understand.

handle matters    諸問題を処理する、諸問題を扱う
Virtually every business owner asks him/herself the important question,
"Whom can I trust to handle matters when I am sick or away?"

shelve plans to do ...    ~する計画を棚上げする
Though Retailer A shelved plans to open new branches last year, they are now putting them on the front burner for detailed discussion, thanks to recently increased sales.

have what it takes    それが必要とするものを持ている
In order to be a commercial airline pilot, you need to have perfect eyesight, pass rigorous tests, and have the ability to remain calm and think clearly in dire situations. Do you have what it takes (to be a pilot)?


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― キーワード、時事関連英語 ――

Abenomics   アベノミクス
flesh out   を具体化する
put ... back on a growth path   ~を成長の軌道に戻す、~を成長路線に戻す
officially   正式に
inflation target   インフレ目標
monetary easing mesures   金融緩和策
ponder   じっくり考える
one’s term ends   ~の任期が終わる
Op-Ed   (署名記事などの)論説ページ、社説の対向ページ
far-fetched    突飛な、信じがたい
take the reins of ...   ~を統率する、~を指揮する
the BOE     イングランド銀行(Bank of England)
set a policy target     政策目標を立てる
nominal gross domestic product    名目国内総生産(名目GDP)
a professor emeritus   名誉教授
the BOE’s Monetary Policy Committee     イングランド銀行金融政策委員会
shore up  支える、てこ入れする
consumer prices    消費者物価
policy accord    政策協定
behind-the-scenes talk    水面下での話し合い
narrow the differences    隔たりを小さくする
shoot for a goal of ...    ~を目標とする
primary surplus      黒字のプライマリーバランス(基礎的財政収支)
regulatory reform  規制改革
public investment  公共投資
beef up      強化する、増額する
natural disaster 自然災害
binge    乱用、し放題
the Japan Business Federation    経団連
the Cabinet Office     内閣府
consumption tax    消費税
bring the primary balance into the black
fiscal sustainability     財政の安定性、財政の持続性
reportedly     報道によれば、~と報じられている
out-of-pocket medical payment      医療費の自己負担
quash    却下する、つぶす


work うまくいく、役に立つ
Well, Gary, your plan to boost sales by focusing more on local markets has really worked. And so, I'm promoting you to Regional Manager.

get into ...  ~を始める、~に乗り込む
I agree. The problem is a serious one and requires discussion. However, I have no time to get into it at the moment so shall we take it up at next week's meeting?

far-fetched   突飛な、信じがたい
Sam's suggestion that we open a branch store in northern Alaska is simply another one of his far-fetched ideas.

not a bad idea   いい考え(悪くない考え)
A: I've got it! Why don't we have local volunteers help build the new park shelter in exchange for teaching them carpentry skills?
B: Hey, that's not a bad idea.
A: わかった! 我々は地元の有志者たちに大工の技術を教える代わりに、その新しい公園の休憩所を建てるのを手伝ってもらってはどうでしょうか?
B: うん、それは悪くない考えだな。

be divided over ...    ~に関して分裂している
We all agree on the fact that we need a new company logo. We're still divided, though, over what exactly it should look like.

behind-the-scenes    舞台裏の、秘密の (形容詞)  
behind the scenes    舞台裏で、こっそり (前置詞句または副詞句)

The prime minister says he is in favor of peace and reconciliation, but behind the scenes he is already stirring up conflict and dissension.

up-front 正直な、包み隠そうとしない
up front 明るみに出て、包み隠そうとしないで

beef up ...   強化する、太らせる
A recent increase in cybercrime has prompted many companies to beef up their online security.

stick to ...  に固執する
If you wish to master a foreign language, you must establish a routine of learning and using new words and phrases, and then stick to the routine.

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日本経済新聞 英文編集部 紙面担当部長の柴山重久さんに、

後半は、"THE NIKKEI WEEKLY"を読むために知っておきたい基礎知識について、




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12月24日『THE NIKKEI WEEKLY』の記事(P.1)
Abe out to show he has answers
After big comeback, LDP leader sets sights on economy, diplomacy

― キーワード、時事関連英語 ――
LDP (Liberal Democratic Party)    自民党(自由民主党)
set sights on...    ~をめざす、~に照準をあわせる(set one's sights on)
deflation    デフレ
anemic growth    停滞した経済成長、精彩を欠く成長
landslide victory    地滑り的勝利、圧倒的大勝利
lower house election    衆議院選挙
be set to...    ~することになっている
special Diet session    特別国会
boost public works spending    公共事業費を増やす
prod    促す、せかす
postwar low    戦後最低
turnout    投票率
junior coalition partner    連立与党の従属的な)連立パートナー
supermajority    圧倒的多数、安定多数
bill    法案
Democratic Party of Japan     日本民主党
have free rein     思い通りにする、自由を手にする
shore up     支える、てこ入れする、補強する
strengthen the Japan-U.S. alliance     日米同盟を強化する
go through a rough patch     憂き目を見る、困難な目にあう
rocky relations     ぎくしゃくした関係
premier    首相、総理大臣
step down 辞任する
get a second shot at...     二度目に~する、~に再挑戦する
get right down to business    すぐに本題に入る、本腰を入れる
fiscal year      会計年度
supplementary budget        補正予算
upend    覆す、大打撃を与える
provisional budget     暫定予算
call for...     ~を要求する
ramp up     増やす
government bond issuance     国債の発行
fillip     刺激
unravel     解体する、(計画を)つぶす、白紙に戻す
as of... ~現在
general-account budget   一般会計予算
disaster reconstruction project    震災復興計画
special account    特別会計


see little reason to do ...    ~をする理由がほとんどわからない
factor in ...   ~を要因として入れる、~を計算に入れる
Once Land Development Company A had factored in harsh new tax laws that were to go into effect in Country B the following year, it saw little reason to continue making property investments there.

have free rein   思い通りにする(自由な手綱を持つ)
As opposed to last year when John had to work with a committee to decide all the details of the company's annual gathering, this time he has free rein to decide everything himself.

go through (some) rough patches   つらい目にあう、憂き目を見る
While Company C has gone through rough patches -- the 1973 oil crisis and the collapse of the economic bubble, to name a few -- it has always maintained a leading position in the global market.
C社が難局 ―― 2、3例を挙げると、1973年の石油危機そしてバブル景気の崩壊 ―― などにあったのに、同社は世界市場を牽引する立場を常に維持したのです。

face-to-face (adjective)  差し向かいでの、ひざ詰めの
Should you ever have a face-to-face encounter with a bear while hiking in the forest, the worst thing to do is to run away.

 face to face (adverb)  差し向かいで、直面して
This is an important matter. So rather than calling or exchanging e-mails, I think we should meet face to face.

get a (second) shot at ...  ~に(再)挑戦する、(2度目)の試みをする
Though Mary was unable to win gold at the recent Olympic Games, she willget a second shot at the top Olympic medal 4 years from now if she is still able to qualify.

get (right) down to business  (真剣に)取りかかる、本腰を入れる
Gentlemen, I only have 30 minutes before I must leave for the airport, so if you don't mind, shall we get right down to business?


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12月17日発行『THE NIKKEI WEEKLY』(P.28)
1500兆円、預金に偏る  株式シフト、成長のカギ
Vast pool of private money could aid economy- but only via investment

Q: I read an article that suggested using household financial assets to revitalize Japan’s economy. How would this work?

A: Cash and deposits account for the lion's share of Japan's ¥1.5 quadrillion in personal assets. This money would be put to more productive use if it were invested in stocks and other risk assets.

― キーワード/ 経済関連英語 ――

household financial assets    個人の金融資産、家庭の金融資産
cash and deposits    現金と預金
the lion’s share of ...     ~の大部分
\\1.5 quadrillion     1500兆円
investment trust     投資信託
Flow of Funds Accounts     資金循環統計
stack up with ...   ~と比べられる、~と比較になる
in terms of ...   ~の点から、~によって
Boston Consulting Group   ボストン・コンサルティング・グループ
Japan pitched in 8.7% of global nominal   GDP in 2010
how the assets are handled
with only about 10% in stocks and investment trusts 
quite the opposite    まったくの逆、まったく正反対
make up     構成する、占める
eurozone     ユーロ圏
people age 60 or older  60歳以上の人々
make high-risk investments    高リスクの投資をする
stash away in banks   銀行に預けておく、銀行にしまっておく
do little to support economic growth   経済成長にはほとんど貢献しない
energize   活性化する
one-fourth of the record ...   過去最高の~の四分の一
come to a virtual halt 事実上停止する
nervous about risking their assets again
undervalue    過小評価する
static     ほとんど動かない、ほとんど変化がない
the Central Council for Financial Services Information   金融広報中央委員会
safety-conscious     (資産の)安全重視の
high-return     ハイリターンの、高利回りの
fall below par value     額面を下回る、元本割れに下がる
corporate borrower 法人の借り手(借り入れ需要のある企業)
funnel surplus deposits into ...  余剰預金を~に向ける
growth industry    成長産業
ultralow interest rates    超低金利
total market capitalization  (株式市場での)時価総額
invigorate   活性化する
expansion opportunity    事業拡大の機会
stuck with a heavy debt load     重い債務で身動きできない
breathe new life into domestic firms   国内企業に新しい生命を吹き込む

stack up (with ... )   (...と)比べられる、(~と)比べて負けない
Company A's new vacuum cleaner stacks up well in competition with those of other companies. It is compact in size, has plenty of power, yet uses 5% less electricity than its closest rival product.

pitch in (+ money, ...%)   (お金、~%など)を出し合う、寄付する、貢献する

We've run out of drinks. If everyone would like to pitch in by giving me some money, I can go to the store and get some more.

pitch in with (+ efforts, help)  (努力、援助など)に勢いよくとりかかる、協力する
Since the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami, many volunteers from around the world have come to Japan to pitch in with relief and cleanup efforts.

quite the opposite   全く正反対
Lower prices do not always lead to better sales. In fact, with some products,quite the opposite is true. A higher price can enhance a product's appeal and increase demand for it.

make up   構成する
At that school, people from foreign countries make up 8% of the total number of students.


come to   達する
At that school, people from foreign countries come to 8% of the total number of students.


come to a halt  停止する
With the approaching typhoon, all operations at the plant came to a halt, and then resumed 2 days later after the storm had passed.


in the wake of ...  ~の結果として、~の通ったあとに 
In the wake of a natural disaster, it is common for local people to come together and help in any way they can.


be stuck with ...   ~で行き詰っている、途方にくれている
Voters who did not support the winning candidate feel they are now stuck with their current leader until the next election.


breathe (new) life into ...   ~に(新しい)命を吹き込む
It is hoped that the opening of the new railway line will breathe new life into the economies of various local towns and villages.


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12月10日発行『THE NIKKEI WEEKLY』(p.3)
BOJ strains against taboo of forex influence


BOJ (the Bank of Japan)     日本銀行(日銀)
strain against …     ~圧力に抵抗する、~に懸命に取り組む
forex (foreign exchange)  外国為替
reluctant to do   ~に乗り気でない、~したがらない
inclined to do   ~したいと思う、~する方に傾いている
ignore the taboo   タブーを無視する
ramp up     意図的に増やす
monetary easing policy    金融緩和政策
to a certain extent  ある程度
stem    食い止める、歯止めをかける
at first glance    一見したところでは
this is nothing new    これは何も新しいものではない
the yen’s persistent strength   しつこく続く円高
weigh heavily on exporters   輸出業者に重くのしかかる
easy credit environment    緩和的な金融環境
mitigate    和らげる
the real economy    実体経済
exchange rate    為替レート
blunder     大失敗、重大な間違い
set the stage for ...   ~のお膳立てをする、~のきっかけになる
asset-price bubble  資産価格バブル
speculative frenzy  投機的な高騰
bursting of the stock and property bubbles    株価と不動産バブルの崩壊
credit expansion  金融緩和、信用拡大
risk premium  リスクプレミアム、危険保険料率
exchange-traded fund    株価指数連動型上場投資信託(ETF)
long-term government bond  長期国債
lending facility  貸出制度
commercial bank    商業銀行、民間金融機関
expand loans   融資を拡大する
foreign bond   外国債、外債
full-fledged measure    本格的な対策


■ A is nothing new.   Aは何も新しいもの(こと)ではない
Brian's announcing that he's going to quit his job and start his own company is nothing new. He says this almost every month just after payday.

weigh heavily on ...   ~に重くのしかかる 
New tax laws in the country will have higher-income individuals pay more, and at the same time, weigh less heavily on low- and middle-income earners.

set the stage for ...   ~のためのお膳立てをする
The proliferation of smartphones has set the stage for a whole new business environment in which one can now, at extremely low cost, potentially advertise to millions of people.

a no-no    してはいけないこと、禁止されていること 
Dave could make departmental decisions and implement them without approval at his previous company. His doing so where he works now, however, is a no-no.デーヴは彼の前の会社で部署の決定をして社の承認もなくそれらを実行することができました。しかしながら、今働いているところでそうすることはしてはいけないことです。


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How you shop depends on how you surf (top)


peer into ~   ~を詳しく見る、~を洞察する
device     (デジタル)機器、装置
social network    ソーシャルネットワーク(SNS)、交流サイト
broad conclusion  大まかな結論、広く当てはまる結果
mull    熟考する、検討する
set out to do    ~することに着手する、~しようと試みる
conduct a poll   (世論)調査を実施する
zero in on ~  ~に焦点を絞る、~に的をしぼる
multiple      複数の、多種多様な
communications medium   コミュニケーションツール、通信手段
break down the results   結果を分析する、結果を分類する
overall trend     全体的な傾向
account for ~  ~を占める
bricks-and-mortar store   従来型の店舗、実店舗
stand out         際立つ、目立つ
pollee        調査対象者、調査を受ける人
put another way     言い換えれば
days off        休みの日
mingle   人と交わる
kill time    暇つぶしをする
the superhighway   インターネット、(高速道路)

surf (the Internet)     (インターネット)をあちこち見てまわる、ネットサーフィンする
Mary was casually surfing the Internet when she happened to hit on a website showing pictures of herself in elementary school.

cf. channel-surf    (テレビの)チャンネルを次々かえる、ザッピングする
When you watch TV, do you usually watch one program from beginning to end, or do you spend your time channel-surfing?

take notes    メモをとる
I brought a notebook to the meeting and took notes of everything that was said.

cf.  take note   注意する、注目する
I forgot to bring a notebook to the meeting and so I took special note of everything that was said.

zero in on ...    ~に注意を向ける、ねらいを定める
The new market study zeroes in on the relationship between consumers' demand for lower prices and their desire to be eco-friendly.

go online    インターネットを利用する
People used to go to the library to get new information. Today, they go online.

kill time   時間をつぶす
When I have some time to kill, I enjoy going to a coffee shop and reading the paper.

(page 5)
spontaneous    衝動的に行動する、気の向くままに振る舞う、無計画で 
The spontaneous approach to TV commentary can be dangerous at time. It is best to prepare one's remarks in advance.

terms denoting "group" (from page 5):

the Facebook crowd   フェイスブック利用者、フェイスブック派
the Twitter flock  ツイッターの利用者、ツイッター派
the Facebook camp  フェイスブック利用者(族)、フェイスブック派



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11月26日『THE NIKKEI WEEKLY』Readers Workshop (P.44)
Mt.Fuji more than a pretty face

Q: The media and government are urging preparations for a possible Mt. Fuji eruption. If the volcano blows its top, what impact would it have on surrounding areas, including Tokyo?

A: Though the danger does not appear imminent, seismologists have warned that the mountain could erupt at any time. An eruption would seriously disrupt economic activity in Tokyo.

― キーワード、時事関連英語 ――

eruption    噴火
volcano   火山
seismologist   地震学者
above sea level   海抜、標高
most iconic landmark   最も象徴的な名所、最も親しまれている景観
stratovolcano  成層火山(せいそうかざん)
as opposed to ...   ~とは対照的に、~と対比して
shield volcano   楯状火山(たてじょうかざん)
by geological standards   地質学上の水準では、地質学的基準によって
could have a huge impact on …  ~に甚大な影響を及ぼす可能性がある
empirical study   経験に基づく研究、経験則
ravage   ~を荒廃させる、~を破壊する
(be) put on high alert in anticipation of Mt. Fuji activity  
the Big One  大地震(「東日本大震災」のこと)
stun  ぼう然とさせる
temblor  地震
seismic rumbling  地震の轟音、地震の地鳴り
subside  沈静化する、鎮まる
alert level    警戒水準
Hoei Eruption   宝永噴火
projection   予測
on a similar scale   同規模で
economic cost   経済的損害
given that ...   ~であることを考えれば
(be) known to continue for nearly two years   二年近く続くことが知られている
toll   被害額、犠牲、損失
end up ...   結局~になる、~で終わる
whatever the cost  損害がどんなものであろうとも、損失の程度はどうあれ
if Mt. Fuji were to erupt  富士山が噴火するなら
clear away the ash that piles up on Tokyo’s major roads
the stuff   その物(積もった火山灰のこと)
2.05 million dump trucks with load capacities of 10 metric tons
paralyze   (交通を)マヒさせる
widespread blackouts  広域停電
water treatment plant   浄水場、水処理場
vitric (glasslike) ash particles  ガラス質の(ガラスのような)火山灰粒子
bronchial tube  気管支
wear contacts  コンタクトレンズを着けている
fine-grained ash  細かい粒子状の灰、微細粒の灰
render them unusable  それらを(PCなどを)使用不能にしてしまう
precaution  予防策、事前の対応
tasked with ...   ~の任務を課された
disaster-preparedness   災害への備え、防災
have no way of predicting   予測する術がない、予測することが出来ない
volcanic harbinger  噴火の前兆
heed   注意を向ける、気をつける
out of harm’s way  危害を受けないように、安全なところに
be kept to a minimum  最小限に抑えられる
strike directly beneath ...   ~の直下を襲う
backup facilities   予備設備、バックアップ施設
political maneuvering  政治的駆け引き
head-on  真正面から

■  A as opposed to B   BではなくてA、Bに対立するものとしてのA
I decided to write and send Tom a letter, as opposed to an email, as I thought that would be more personal.

■  stuff  もの
・Your new product proposal was fantastic! That's the kind of stuff people want today!
 あなたの新商品の提案は素晴らしかったです! それはまさに現代人の望むものですよ!  
・I started reading your story last night and couldn't put it down until I finished it at 4 in the morning! Great stuff! Have you thought of contacting a publisher?
 昨晩あなたが書いたものを読み始めて午前4時にそれを読み終えるまで読むのをやめられませんでした。とてもよかったです! 出版社と連絡をとることを考えましたか?
・Come in! You can just put your stuff here on this chair.
 お入りください! お荷物をここちらのこの椅子の上に置いてください。
・What kind of books do I like? Well, let's see. Mysteries, suspense stories
-- you know, stuff like that.
 どんな種類の本が好きかって? そうね、えーと。推理物、サスペンス―― そのようなもの、ですね。

■  not the only ...   唯一の ~ ではない
Yes, I know you would like to finish no later than 10:00, but you're not the only one who thinks so.

■  head-on   正面から;正面の
When you encounter new challenges, you must not shy away from them but rather meet them head-on.
The two cars had a head-on collision and were both totaled.


11/22放送 [今週の放送内容]
2012.11/22 番組スタッフ 記事URL

11月19日『THE NIKKEI WEEKLY』の記事(P.2)
Time for parties to engage in vibrant debate to revive nation

― キーワード、時事関連英語 ――
engage in debate     議論に参加する、議論を闘わせる
revive     再生する、復活させる
warring      相争っている、戦いを繰り広げている
campaign for an election    選挙戦を展開する
paralysis 機能不全、停滞、麻痺
a slew of...    たくさんの~、多数の~
pressing issue      差し迫った課題、緊急の問題
lawmaker     議員
make a decision      決定を下す
intraparty feud      党内抗争、党内不和
get in the way     行く手をふさいでいる、妨げになる、邪魔をする
contest     争う
poll   投票
blaze a path       先頭を切る、道筋をつける
stalemate     手詰まり、こう着状態
enact      制定する、成立させる
sales tax hike      消費増税
cost dearly    高くつく、高い代償を払う
alienate    敵に回す、離党させる、遠ざける
hammer out the terms    苦心して条件をだす
dissolve the lower house     衆議院を解散する
dissenter   反対者
back to power    政権に返り咲く、政権を奪還する
show a markedly conservative stance   著しく保守姿勢を示す、明らかに保守色を強める
wage a bitter campaign battle   激しい選挙戦を闘う
distrust    不信
third force   第三勢力、第三極
wider option   より幅広い選択肢
discard one’s principle     原理原則を捨てる、基本路線を曲げる
come apart at the seams       縫い目がほころびる、崩壊する
perform dismally 働きが最悪である、働きがぱっとしない
pay the price    対価を支払う、つけを払う
inept    技量に欠ける、不向きな
cast one’s lot     運命を共にする、かけを投じる
live up to expectation     期待通りである、期待にこたえる
prolonged deflation    長引くデフレ
huge debt   巨額の財政赤字
rapidly graying population   急速な高齢化
shoulder a heavy burden    重い荷を背負う、重い負担を担う
look to the future  将来に期待する、将来に目を向ける
populist  ポピュリストの、人気取りの


get in the way じゃまになる
Sorry I'm late. A large tree had fallen across the highway and got in the way. The way was blocked, so I had to take an alternative route to get here.

cost (one) dearly  (人)に大きな犠牲を支払わせる
My new refrigerator with all the latest features is very nice but, it did cost me dearly. It was twice the price of a normal refrigerator.

Candidate A's comment that "Most people in this country are lazy" cost him dearly. In fact, it cost him the election.

hammer out...  打ち出す、議論を重ねて作り上げる
Companies A and B have decided to merge, but have yet to hammer out all the details like share ownership, who will be boss, and so on.

spur (one) into action  (人を)行動へとせきたてる
Harry had long considered learning a foreign language but had never done anything about it. Finally, his wife's signing up for a Spanish class at the community college spurred him into action. He joined the class as well.

come apart at the seams   だめになる、失敗する
I just bought this sofa cushion but it's already coming apart at the seams. Little bits of stuffing are all over the place.

Just when John & Helen's marriage appeared to be coming apart at the seams, they were able to receive some good counseling and get things back on track.

pay the price (for ... )   (... の)代償を払う
Jerry had a great time with all his friends last night at the Beaujolais
Nouveau release party. He's paying the price (for it) today, however, with a terrible hangover.

live up to (one's) expectations   (人の)期待に沿う
While growing up, Susan always lived up to her parents' expectations by getting good grades in school.

11/15放送 [今週の放送内容]
2012.11/15 番組スタッフ 記事URL

11月12日発行『THE NIKKEI WEEKLY』(P.1)
Japan politics stuck in neutral as U.S., China shift into gear

― キーワード、時事関連英語 ――

stuck in neutral     立ち往生する、はっきりしないまま立ち止まる
shift into gear   ギアを入れかえる
address    取り組む、対処する
recipient of Japan’s exports    日本の輸出先
political epicenter   政治の中心地、政治の中枢
territorial row     領土紛争
Japanese-Sino relations    日中関係
Communist Party    共産党
Xi Jinping   習近平(※胡錦濤体制から習近平体制発足)
Politburo Standing Committee   政治局常務委員会
rouse   興奮させる、聴衆を鼓舞する
maintain a slim majority  ぎりぎりで過半数を維持する
the Senate   (米国)上院
the House of Representatives   (米国)下院
fiscal clift     財政の崖、財政の危機
double whammy    二重苦、ダブルパンチ
tax hike      増税
federal spending cuts    米国政府の歳出削減
fall off a cliff      崖から落ちる
figure into... ~に関わる、~に関与する
by virtue of...   ~に基づいて、~のおかげで
the Senkaku Islands   尖閣諸島
the Diaoyu Islands   釣魚島(尖閣諸島の中国名)
anti-Japan riots   反日暴動
ostracize  締め出す、排斥する
refrain from...  ~するのを遠慮する、~したいのを控える
bid on public works projects   公共事業に入札する
have one’s fingers crossed   幸運を祈る、事態の好転を願う
keep a hard-line stance   強硬姿勢を保つ、強硬路線を保つ
practical benefit  実利
be elevated to...  ~に昇格する、昇進する
the National People’s Congress 全人代(「全国人民代表大会」※中国の国会にあたる)
curb Beijing’s military ambitions 中国の軍事的野心を抑制する、中国の軍拡に歯止めをかける

be anxious to ...   ~を切望して
Eric said he would call as soon as he got home but so far, he hasn't. As you can imagine, we are very anxious to hear from him.

I've been looking forward to your visit for such a long time and so am very anxious to see you again this Saturday!

double whammy   ダブルパンチ、二重の不運な出来事

My vacation in Europe was wonderful, except for the double whammy on the last day when my suitcase was stolen and I missed my connecting
flight on the way home.

for now   当分、さしあたり
for the time being   当分は、当座は

J: Would you like another beer? 
C: No, thanks. I'm good for now. But later maybe.
J: もう一杯ビールはどうですか?
C: いえ、結構です。さしあたりいいです。でも後でもしかすると。

have one's fingers crossed   幸運を願う、うまくいくよう願う

Heavy rain is forecast for this Saturday, just when this year's annual
flea market is to be held. Needless to say, all participants have their fingers crossed hoping the weather will stay fine.

change for the better / worse
改善する / 悪化する (changeは名詞にも動詞にも用いられる)
Though Company A's decision to increase its workers wages by 1% has been
criticized by some as completely inadequate, others feel that any change for the better is welcome.

関連表現: for better or (for) worse  どのような運命になろうと、よかれ悪しかれ

upbeat   楽天的な、快活な、楽しい

When asked by reporters how he had survived for 2 months alone at sea in a small life raft with no provisions, Mr. Kingsley said that capturing rainwater, occasionally catching small fish and singing songs in order to remain upbeat were all important.


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